20th Anniversary PlayStation Steelbook Revealed for UK

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Sony unveils a special edition PlayStation steelbook in honor of the brand’s 20th anniversary, with only 20,000 being made and 5 of those containing ‘golden tickets’.

As the most sold current-gen console currently on the market, the PlayStation 4 has amassed quite an impressive audience since its release back in 2013. Of course, this isn’t all that surprising given the legacy behind the brand, as Sony celebrates the 20th anniversary of its PlayStation consoles. While there have been several ways the company has celebrated the brand’s big birthday thus far, the firm has now unveiled plans to release a limited edition steelbook that includes a pair of codes, a special booklet, and the chance to win the coveted Playstation 1-themed PS4 console.

While this opportunity seems like a swell chance to try – likely in a futile fashion – to secure the coveted PlayStation 4 that resembles the original PS platform, Sony has only confirmed the alluring steelbook for a release in the UK. Those that can be found in this portion of the globe, however, can now officially pre-order the item through GAME for a suggested retail price of £59.99.

For that price tag, European gamers will receive a voucher for £20 in the PlayStation Store, 12 months of PlayStation Plus, and a limited edition booklet. More importantly, those that find a Golden Ticket in one of 5 of the 20,000 steelbooks being made will have secured themselves the aforementioned PS4 platform. Despite this being a very Willy Wonka-esque approach to giving away these highly sought after prizes, it’s a neat promotion for those residing in the UK.

20th Anniversary PS4 and PS1

Fans could potentially take home one of these bad boys.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that those on the other side of the pond have been left empty handed by a Europe-only promotion. Not too long ago, Sony rewarded players for securing the Platinum Trophy in Bloodborne by offering them an exclusive theme for their consoles, but this loyalty reward has yet to make the jump to markets outside of Europe. Why this has been the case is a mystery, but the company must have some reason for excluding fans in North America.

While some additional promotional items/products would almost certainly be much appreciated by the fan base surrounding the PS4 in the future, it’s nice to know that fans aren’t being deprived of savings – given that Sony only just recently dropped the price of its current-gen hardware bundles.

What do you think of the special edition PlayStation 20th anniversary steelbook? Do you hope Sony releases something like this Stateside? Get at us in the comments.

Source: GAME

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