PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds looks set to introduce many more new gameplay items if datamining is to be believed. Developer Bluehole has steadily released updates for the game, including adding a new zombies game mode.

By datamining the game’s code, one PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fan has uncovered over 50 new items that may be added to the game soon. One such item includes a poison apple, with the dataminer finding a 3D model for the object listed under grenades.

Some have suggested that the poisoned apple could actually poison opponents when thrown within a certain range. However, as Battlegrounds already has a variety of consumable items (including energy drinks, painkillers, bandages, and first aid kits), there is also speculation that it could be a consumable that allows players to poison enemies when they attack.

Many of the other items found by the player are cosmetic outfits. For example, there is a model for some sort of space-suit – which seems to offer full-body armor – there are new hats, jackets, eye-wear, masks, and a new backpack and bag designs too.

Unreleased PUBG Items / Skins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds currently offers loot boxes in which players can permanently unlock pieces of clothing for their characters, and players can pick up cosmetic loot when they are in the game as well. As players steadily try out all of the cosmetic options, it would make sense for Bluehole to introduce even more variety.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if – or when – this new content will be made available in the game. Not only is Bluehole currently working to make the zombies mode available for public matches rather than just custom ones, it is also working on a new desert map. Neither of these updates have release dates yet, and it may be the case that Bluehole wants to get them out the door before it starts adding new weapons, consumables, and cosmetic items.

Hopefully, though, these things will make it into the game before launch. Bluehole recently promised that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be out of early access within six months. Although multiplayer games like this demand regular post-launch updates to keep things fresh, no doubt the developer will want to pack as much content as it can before the full game ships. Players who buy the game at launch won’t want the game to feel half-baked, so to ensure that it feels like a full package, Bluehole will be adding more content.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC. A release on Xbox One is also planned.

Source: imgur