PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has built up a massive following in the PC gaming community, with enough players on Steam to go toe to toe with Grand Theft Auto V and challenge even Valve’s own games. All this while the game is still in development. One update coming to the game soon is expected to offer a new way of playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by letting gamers dive into first-person only servers, and the official PlayerUnknown Twitter just showed off how an important first-person setting looks.

Currently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a third-person shooter that forces players to fight to the death on an island, and it’s incredibly popular as is. The third-person camera allows players to scope out targets over walls and around corners, giving them a strategic advantage. A first-person camera will make spotting enemies in the game more difficult and riskier, as players will have to peek out from behind cover to do so. The upcoming change ups the stakes for intel gathering. While Battlegrounds currently allows players to toggle a first-person view, it lacks some of the polish and tools FPS gamers are used to. One tool that’s been missing was a field-of-view slider, making players’ views narrow. In its next update, Battlegrounds will be getting first-person only servers, and with them a FOV slider. PlayerUnkown shared how that will affect players’ views in a Tweet.

The ability to expand field of view should be helpful for players who felt the standard first-person view was too narrow. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already competitive, but the extra degree of immersion and risk that comes with the first-person mode may make it more competitive. And the FOV options should satisfy serious FPS players who are used to this tool in other competitive shooters like Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch.

This tool isn’t all Battlegrounds needs to work well as a first-person shooter, though. Players have noted some scaling issues that aren’t apparent in third-person but stand out in first-person. For instance, windows and some vehicles can be too high for a standing player to see through or over while in first-person, while being a good height for the third-person camera. Sometimes shots in first-person hit walls when players aim just above those walls. For the first-person mode in Battlegrounds to work, these bugs will need addressing alongside the addition of the FOV slider, and it’s not clear from PlayerUnknown’s Tweet what steps have been taken for these fixes.

While we’ll have to wait and see how PlayerUnknown addresses the issues of inaccurate aim and seeing over obstacles, Battlegrounds players should at least be able to vault over obstacles more easily soon.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for PC in early access, with a release for PS4 and Xbox One expected in late 2017.

Source: PlayerUnknown via Twitter