PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is once again making headlines for the outrageous price of one of the in-game cosmetic items. Just a few weeks ago, it seemed hard to imagine the market demand would top the pink skirt that was selling for close to $500, but now an item of clothing that covers even less skin seems to be doubling that price.

The latest PUBG item to catch fire on the Steam Marketplace is a rare red bandana that some players secured months ago when they purchased the $40 deluxe edition. The pre-order crate item was originally going for about $20 when things started out, but around July the price jumped up to $230. By the time September came around the cosmetic item was going for over $700 and now, at the end of the month, some auctions are listing the bandana for $1,000. That may sound ridiculous, but the items are somehow still managing to find buyers.

The cosmetic item craze in PUBG is reminiscent of the knife skin packs in CS:GO, so the community has seen this type of outrageous spending in the past. It’s possible that the market will crash sometime in the near future, but if the game’s popularity is any indication, things don’t seem to be slowing down. The top-selling list on the Steam Community Market is jam-packed with PUBG items and has been for weeks.


Clearly the average player isn’t dropping a grand on cosmetic items in this game, but as long as there are whales out there shopping on the market, it’s possible that the prices won’t drop down to a reasonable level any time soon. This is probably a little depressing for gamers on a budget who still want to look cool, but luckily none of these items actually impact gameplay or performance at all.

We’ll keep an eye on things in the Steam Community Market and update when the next PUBG item replaces the red bandana from the top spot.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for PC, and will release later in 2017 for Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku