PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently introduced first-person only servers to the game, adding a new layer of immersion for players. But PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ introduction of first-person servers came only with solo and duo game modes. Players who were used to hopping on with a squad of four weren’t able to play in first-person with their whole squad. In a recent tweet, however, PUBG announced first-person servers for all game modes were live.

PUBG players on North America, European Union, and the main Asia servers will be able to play first person games in 4-person groups. Players in Oceania and Southeast Asia don’t have this mode available yet on those regions’ severs. The mode also will not get leaderboards until sometime in the future.

The addition of the full squad mode to first-person servers will help the game appeal to serious FPS players, and it goes a small way toward addressing the first-person issues with PUBGThis addition comes shortly after PUBG introduced its FOV slider, allowing players to make tweaks to their view — an important setting for comfort in first-person shooters.

This announcement is one more step in the direction of the game’s full release. While more maps and features are planned, the core of the game is a battle royale in first or third-person. Being able to play the first-person mode in a group completes that core, matching the first-person mode with the third-person mode, which had been offering solo, duo, and squad play prior to the introduction of first-person servers.

There are still plenty of other kinks for PUBG to work out, and those upset over microtransactions could be further calmed down. But all in all the game has been wildly successful, and each improvement will give it the opportunity to catch even more players’ interest. It has already sold over four million copies, and keeps jumping up the rankings for peak players on Steam. With an upcoming final release and planned console ports, PUBG is well on its way to being a major new video game franchise.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for PC in early access, with a release for PS4 and Xbox One expected in late 2017.