PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been outrageously successful since it launched on PC via Steam’s Early Access program in March. But few would ever have predicted just what kind of success it would reach. Today marks a new level of triumph for the online multiplayer battle royale, as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has dethroned Dota 2‘s record for concurrent players online on Steam.

Steam provides data regarding concurrent player count for the top 100 games on the platform, making tracking extremely simple. Just weeks ago PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made the news for becoming the number one game in terms of concurrent online players, reaching 880 thousand players and overtaking Dota 2‘s 840 thousand. Today a new threshold has been reached, as PUBG passes Steam’s overall record of concurrent players of 1.29 million players previously set by Dota 2.

Don’t expect PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to stop here, either. Today’s concurrent player count peaked at 1.32 million, not just passing the previous record but aiming for new heights. And considering PUBG‘s number of concurrent players only seems to grow with each week, it’d be naive to expect that it won’t be even larger next week. Just how popular will PUBG be is a question nobody likely knows at this point.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sets Concurrent Player Record on Steam - Map

Since both Dota 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are solely available on Steam, the concurrent player total is perhaps the best way of directly comparing each game’s current popularity. With Dota 2‘s historical data freely available, it’s even fair to compare PUBG to Dota 2‘s past heights. But comparisons beyond Steam are more challenging.

Minecraft reported over a million concurrent players in 2015, but has multiple game versions that likely don’t report accurate totals. Bungie reported yesterday that Destiny 2 reached 1.3 million concurrent players. World of Warcraft has had over 10 million subscribers in the past, but doesn’t report concurrent players. In 2014 Riot Games said as many as 7.5 million players log in to play League of Legends “simultaneously.” Perhaps the best takeaway is that it’s time to start considering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as one of the most popular games of the generation.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now in Early Access on PC and will launch on Xbox One later this year.