PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will soon be getting a new desert map, according to new teasers. The map would be the latest exciting change to the game as Battlegrounds also recently introduced a zombie mode.

On Twitter earlier this week, the creative director of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds posted two teasers for the game’s upcoming desert map. A work in progress preview of the location suggests that the map will still offer plenty of dilapidated buildings to loot and hide out in, but it will also feature a railway line and train carriages too. Additionally, this new location has cacti of various sizes dotted about the place. It’s unclear whether cacti will provide better cover than trees but they could certainly confuse a few paranoid players into thinking that opponents are near even when they aren’t.

It’s currently unclear when this map will be available. In addition to the zombie mode, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently added new guns as well as several balance changes. As the game is an early access title, the development team at Bluehole will also continue to release updates and patches with bug fixes too. Of course, the developer may want to focus on its other priories first, for releasing this new map will only increase its workload, as the game still has other problems that need to be fixed.

It’s also unclear what this means for the Xbox One version of Battlegrounds. Satisfying the existing PC player base is important – they supported the game first and helped it to become a huge success – but some will fear that a lengthy PC development process will cause a delay to the console launch. Likewise, some PC players may fear that the release of the desert map (and other future content) will be slowed because of development on the Xbox One version.

What is certain, though, is that this release of new content should help to shift even more units of Battlegrounds. Four million copies have been sold so far, largely because of the interest from YouTubers and streamers. More new content for the game means that more entertaining videos can be published by these influential players, encouraging those who haven’t played the game yet to give it a go. So while the release date for the desert map is a huge question mark, most will be hoping that it is made available sooner rather than later.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC, with a release on Xbox One planned for this year.