PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Reveals First Gameplay of Desert Map Miramar


Although PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has become something of a worldwide phenomenon, gamers everywhere are undoubtedly tired of experiencing the same Russian landscape time and time again. Thankfully, the game's development team over at PUBG Corporation have acknowledged the need for variety and today's Game Awards event was the perfect time to display what new map Miramar has to offer.

Alongside revealing the first gameplay of the upcoming desert map, the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer also finally announced the long-awaited release date for the battle royale title. Xbox fans will be able to play PUBG on the system's Game Preview service beginning on December 12th, while the PC patch 1.0 launch will take place a little later in the month on December 20th.

The map looks to be a polar opposite of the Erangel map, offering "harsh and unforgiving desert" instead of lush fields and forest. Due to the lack of grassy cover, the new location will require players to switch up their play-styles if they want to earn their Chicken Dinners this time around. Thankfully, the map will contain a new pickup truck vehicle in order to allow combatants to traverse the new terrain with ease.

Miramar will be available on the PC test servers beginning tonight, four hours after The Game Awards concludes, meaning that players won't have to wait long to access the game's newest content. Xbox fans will have to wait just a little longer, however, with the map scheduled for an early 2018 launch.

Although Miramar holds plenty of secrets for players to discover, we've learned so far that Los Leones will be the largest city on the map, filled with lootable buildings, and that Pecado will be host to a large-scale casino. The abandoned factory town of Chumacera looks to be an interesting location to visit, and the oceanside Valle del Mar (Valley of the Sea) will play an important role, connecting a prison island to the map's mainland.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently in early access on PC, but it will have its full release on December 20th. An Xbox One early access version is scheduled for December 12th.

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