It has been a while since the last patch for the wildly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was last released. Ever since developer Bluehole Studio made the decision to abandon the game’s patch schedule in favor of creating better, more meaningful updates when they were implemented, players have been waiting for a substantial new content release.

As it turns out, though, fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds won’t have to wait long – the game’s official Twitter account announced that Bluehole Studio would be adding a new weapon to the game in the near future, with a public test server update coming in the next few days. The weapon, a Mini-14, will be available in crates and scattered across the map, so competitive players will want to test the new toy as soon as possible since it could end up becoming a prevalent force in PUBG‘s early-to-mid game combat.

The new patch will also add a foggy weather mechanic to the game, which will make environmental awareness even more crucial for top tier play while also improving the game’s overall aesthetic presentation. The foggy weather mechanic was partially unveiled on Twitter yesterday to celebrate PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds concurrent users triumph on Steam recently, which saw the game surpass Dota 2 on its way to one million concurrent users.

While the changes announced for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the latest patch are exciting, fans are still holding out hope for some more news regarding the vaulting mechanic that was hinted at months ago. That feature would drastically alter the way the game is played, and with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds selling over 10 million copies, there’s an argument to make big changes like vaulting as soon as possible – the lower the learning curve the better for a game that has quickly become the premier online multiplayer title of choice for millions.

Bluehole Studio has promised that, alongside the gun and fog additions, there will be FPP leaderboards and a number of bug fixes coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the update. The full list of changes coming in the new patch have yet to be revealed, but given that the changes are going live on a public test server soon, fans should expect more details shortly.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC in Early Access and will launch on the Xbox One in 2017.

Source: Twitter