It’s been an interesting month for the incredibly popular player vs player shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. While developer BlueHole may be a bit upset at Fortnite swooping in on consoles by adding a free to play mode that highly resembles its own game, the title has never been more popular. Even after breaking DOTA 2‘s record for most concurrent Steam players, PUBG is getting closer to breaking another major milestone.

This past weekend, Steam Charts revealed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds nearly reached 2 million concurrent players online at a time, coming in at just 1.96 million. In the past 30 days alone, the peak player base comes in at just a hair over 1.98 million. Not only is the game continuing to smash records that many never thought would be topped, but these numbers are actually a few hundred though more than the numbers it set in September.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that no other game is even coming close to matching it. With PUBG hitting 1.96 million concurrent users this past weekend, the next closest title was DOTA 2, pulling in over 700,000 players. Of the 16.3 million concurrent users that logged into Steam yesterday, 12% of them during the peak time were actually playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With the game topping 1 million concurrent users only three weeks ago, it will be interesting to see where this game is in another month.

Considering how popular the game is currently, it only makes sense that the developer would try to expand the product by taking it to other platforms. After announcing and extending an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, BlueHole has been speaking to Sony about eventually bringing the game to the PlayStation 4 as well.

For now, however, Epic Games have given players a free alternative with a new Fortnite mode called Battle Royale. Without any other option on consoles, the mode has proven to be a big success for Epic Games having just recently crossed the 7 million players mark. Whenever PUBG does make it to the consoles, it will be interesting to see if Epic cane keep that momentum up.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC in Early Access and will launch on Xbox One later on in 2017.

Source: Steam Charts