The limited-time mode (LTM) and various in-game events are becoming a staple for the battle royale industry, which is one reason why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has brought the month-long Mission: Impossible event to its mobile version. Now, the PC version is getting another LTM in the form of Dodgebomb, a chaotically-explosive event that begins tonight, Aug 9th, at 7 pm PST and ends Aug 12, 7 pm PST.

This latest PUBG event sees players drop on Erangel in three 10-person teams, armed only with 20 frag grenades, a Molotov, level 3 gear, and a frying pan. As it is a War Mode-style event, players will respawn every 30 seconds, but the stakes are raised because there are no knock-downs. This means if a player takes lethal damage, they will die instantly.

Eliminating an enemy will earn 3 points for the team, and the first team to reach 100 points wins. However, if no team is able to do so before the time limit ends, the team with the most points will win the match. Other rules include no weapons or vehicles spawning in the world, the weather being locked at sunny, and each of the following are completely disabled: red zones, killer spectating, care packages, and friendly fire.

Sadly, it may be difficult to participate or get the full effect of this LTM for some players, but PUBG is working on improving its game. In fact, it has launched a website known as “FIX PUBG” which is dedicated to improving the popular battle royale game.

Notably, though, the developer may want to hurry, as Gamescom 2018 is right around the corner. According to Major Nelson, PUBG is looking to announce a new mode at the prestigious event, which it will likely want to run as smooth as possible. Until that event begins, however, players will need to satisfy themselves with this Dodgebomb event, which is sure to be a blast.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now for Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox One.

Source: PUBG – Steam