DICE Invites 'Battlefield' Players to Help Build New Map for 'Battlefield 4'

Battlefield 4 has experienced a roller coaster during its lifecycle, with a few highs and lows. After a struggled launch, developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have been working tirelessly to recover from the stumble. Unfortunately, continued issues have caused many in the Battlefield community to lose faith in DICE and EA.

But the developer won't seem to give up hope of rebuilding its reputation among players. Last year they rolled out the Community Test Environment, which gave Battlefield 4 players more opportunities to find and report bugs and issues within the game. It also provided a testing ground for new features, without pushing unwanted or broken additions to the entire Battlefield community.

While the Community Test Environment hasn't completely fixed DICE and EA's reputation, it has opened the door for them to get more community involvement, which is something Battlefield players have wanted for a long time. And even with the upcoming release of Battlefield Hardline, DICE is still working closely with players to enhance their experience with Battlefield 4. Just yesterday, the team at DICE announced that they will be working with Battlefield 4 Premium members to create and test a new map for the military shooter.

In the above video, DICE LA creative director, Thomas Andersson, shared some information about the project:

"With the Community Map Project we're really excited to collaborate with you, our Premium users, to take a map from concept to final, and then release it to everyone when it's done. We'll start with a blank canvas and together with you we're going to collaborate through all the normal steps in the development cycle. It's something we're very excited because it's not something we've done before and I can't wait to see how it turns out."

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Working with the Battlefield community to build a custom map may turn out to be a positive move for the developer. Doing so can help users feel greater ownership and connection to the game, which is a positive for both parties. Players then have more content, of which they were active participants in creating, and DICE strengthens its reputation – giving players another reason to keep playing their game.

So even though Battlefield 4 has been plagued with issues since its release, we have to give credit to DICE and EA for their dedication to improving the game more than a year after it released – even to the point of overlapping with the company's next big release. After admitting it screwed up the launch, the team could have easily set aside Battlefield 4 and focused all of its attention on getting things right with Battlefield Hardline. Instead, DICE continued to improve Battlefield 4 for players, and used this as a learning opportunity.

Now that they've worked the bugs out of their Community Test Environment system, the developer can continue using it to improve future Battlefield games for players. Now, if we could only convince them to put actual dinosaurs in the game.

There's no news yet on when the new map will be finished or released, but we'll definitely keep an eye out. Also, be sure to stay tuned for more information about Battlefield Hardline as we draw closer to its release.

What do you think about DICE inviting players to build a new map? Is it too late for Battlefield 4, or do you appreciate DICE's attempts to improve the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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