PlayBox Mod Combines Xbox One and PS4 Into Single Console

PlayBox Xbox One and PS4 in One

While plenty of gamers are still embroiled in the heated debate over whether to purchase an Xbox One or a PS4 many have decided simply to end the discussion by picking up both. It may be a more expensive decision, but in the end it opens up those gamers to titles like Uncharted and Halo without missing out.

But while the prospect of picking up a PS4 and Xbox One separately has become an easier pill to swallow thanks to lowered price points, one gamer has set out to make the ultimate current-gen machine. Meet the PlayBox: an all-in-one Xbox One and PS4 that’s portable and comes with its own screen.

The PlayBox is the ingenious creation of Eddie Zarick, a major player in the console modding space. Some of Zarick’s previous mods include the Xbook Duo, an all-in-one Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the PlayBook 4, a PS4 unit that looks more like a laptop than a home console.

Although those past creations were no doubt impressive, the PlayBox appears to be Zarick’s masterwork. The portable console houses the PS4 on the left and the Xbox One on the right, and lets players switch between them on the fly. They can’t, however, use them simultaneously since that could result in rapid overheating.


The unit also includes a 1080p 22-inch monitor for quick gaming on the go. Essentially, players can play any number of current-gen releases wherever there's an outlet.

For now, though, the PlayBox exists only in prototype form and Zarick doesn’t have any plans to manufacture and sell the mod…yet. The PlayBox that you see above was a special commission.

However, if demand is high enough for the PlayBox than we wouldn’t be surprised to see the mod go on-sale sometime down the road. Zarick currently sells the Xbook Duo and the Playbook 4 for upwards of $1,400 (they are slightly cheaper if you provide your own console), so it would be interesting to see what type of price tag the PlayBox commands. For now, though, we’re left having to switch between Xbox One and PS4 inputs like cavemen.

Would you like to own a PlayBox? Which current-gen console would you like to be able to take on the go?


Source: The Verge

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