Challenge the 'Destiny' Devs Tonight and Earn an Exclusive Emblem

Challenge Bungie Devs in Destiny

Destiny has only been out for about a week and a half but already gamers are starting to see the experience wearing thin. Those who are high enough level can take on the 11+-hour raid, but the rest of us are left replaying old Strikes hoping for a Legendary Engram. Today, however, a new Destiny task is entering the fray and it looks mighty challenging.

While so far the Bungie developers have kept to themselves when it comes to Destiny, that will change at between 7pm and 8pm PST, when some of the team behind the game enter the Crucible. These Destiny developers will then become marks (Bungie Bounties) for other players, who will earn a unique emblem if they can beat the Bungie fireteam.

Of course, this is only the first in a planned weekly event for Destiny, so players who can't make the 7pm PST window are not completely out of luck. Granted, they won't be some of the first to earn The Sign of Opposing Will emblem, but we doubt too many gamers will be able to defeat the Bungie fireteam anyway.

Sign of Opposing Will Destiny Emblem

If you happen to succeed in that endeavor, though, make sure to head here and post a link to your victory. That's the only way and place to confirm that you deserve the emblem, and it's where Bungie will determine who really succeeded. Moreover, those who want to know which screen names to keep an eye out for (on PS4 only) can check out the growing list below:

imtylerdurden Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer
CE_Wizard Jon Weisnewski, Designer
Thug Larz  Lars Bakken, Design Lead
ShatteredNeo Brandon Lewis, Crucible Tester
DeeJ BNG Yours Truly, Community Manager

With only an hour window to work with, players are going to need to be fast (and deadly) if they want to earn the exclusive emblem. More than that, though, they will need to be lucky, because there will be a ton of gamers out there also looking to challenge the Bungie devs. And there will be even fewer who actually beat their fireteam.

While some have already begun to grow tired of the Destiny experience, it's nice to see that Bungie is keeping up with regular events to keep devoted players interested. However, if all that's under Bungie's sleeve is a chance to play PvP multiplayer with devs, then that would be mighty disappointing.

Do you plan on challenging the Bungie fireteam later tonight? Have you had much success playing in Destiny's Crucible?

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Bungie

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