Twitter is a beautiful thing, not least for gaming news and other geek-related tidbits. Most recently, Tony Hawk revealed Tony Hawk: Shred via the microblogging service, and just days ago, the musician Christopher Leary accidentally announced Little Big Planet 2. Now, we’ve got another revelation to add to the ever-growing list: head of Platinum Games (creators of Bayonetta, MadWorld and the upcoming Vanquish), Hideki Kamiya, has revealed that he would like to make a new Star Fox game.

“I want someone from Nintendo to come to Platinum, point a gun and say, ‘You people make the the new Star Fox game.'”

Whilst this isn’t confirmation that Platinum is working on a new Star Fox, it’s certainly nice to see developers mention it every so often. Whilst Star Fox has had some pretty poor outings (Star Fox Command, we’re looking at you), there have been some truly great titles in the series (Lylat Wars, Starwing, heck, I even loved Star Fox Adventures!) and it would be absolutely fantastic to see a new title for the Wii.

Add this to Shigeru Miyamoto’s recent admittance that he’d like to see a new Star Fox game… Well, could we be seeing a trailer at E3 boasting:

Nintendo X Platinum Games ?

I certainly hope so!

What would you like to see from a new Star Fox title? If Nintendo did give Platinum full reign over the next in the series, how do you think it would work out?

Source: Twitter (Thanks to Kotaku for the translation)