Platinum Games To Reveal New Game At E3 2015

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Platinum Games

Last year was a busy one for Platinum Games. The fan-favorite studio not only announced the Xbox One exclusive title Scalebound from Game Director Hideki Kamiya during Microsoft’s press conference, but the developer also released a couple of games in the form of The Legend of Korra and the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 – which went on to receive critical acclaim, including our own review.

With only the aforementioned Scalebound currently on Platinum Games‘ plate, many fans have been wondering what else the studio may be working on. With E3 coming up next week, the popular developer is getting ready to reveal what’s next.

According to IGN, Platinum Games will be on-hand during E3 to finally reveal an all new and previously unannounced title during its live show. Eager fans will want to tune in at 3 p.m. PST on June 16 to see the new game in action.

Platinum introduced Scalebound last year to the surprise of many, as the game appears to feature more fantasy themes mixed with modern tech – including dragons, swords, and some sort of MP3 player.  Even though the trailer didn’t offer any looks at gameplay, the title appears to be a very unique and interesting game coming from a developer that’s known for making some really creative games.

Scalebound Xbox One

Interestingly enough, Platinum has said in the past that working with a Western publisher was a big deal, even going as far as calling the move an “important step” for the company. The two companies have reportedly been working well together, with Microsoft even going as far as letting Platinum call the shots for the development of Scalebound. It’s more than likely that fans will get a much better look at the upcoming title next week on Microsoft’s stage.

Platinum Games has a history of crafting some truly unique experiences, such as The Wonderful 101 or Vanquish, which makes trying to piece together some predictions tough for fans. While also working on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance back in 2013 with Konami, it’s entirely possible that the developer has teamed up with a different studio to create another unique take on an existing IP.

What do you think Platinum Games is currently working on? Let the speculation begin!

Source: IGN