That’s right, the largest-scale MMOFPS yet is back in the form of PlanetSide 2. Fans of the original game will recall a diverse, intense action game following three different factions as they fought for control over the planet Auraxis.

While the first game was famous for having thousands of people playing on the same server (with individual battles often featuring hundreds of players), it wouldn’t be surprising if PlanetSide 2 tried to push the barrier even more, though, aside from the reveal trailer that dropped today, nothing has been shown.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the PlanetSide franchise, the original game was a massive first-person-shooter based MMO which housed seemingly limitless amounts of players on the same server – acting in squads to achieve objectives with the support of thirty-eight different kinds of vehicles and several different air-based units. Released in 2003, it was the first game to ever attempt such large-scale combat.

We knew the sequel was in development since last April, when Sony closed down several studios to divert workers onto both the PlanetSide and Everquest franchises. While the graphics of the game certainly aren’t as snazzy as the graphics you’ll see in Battlefield 3, remember that it’s optimized for servers running battles with hundreds of  players.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the PlanetSide 2 trailer below:


It appears as if Auraxis will still be the home of a massive amount of territorial combat. Assuming the gameplay is still like the original, here’s a quick briefing on how that works: Players first choose a faction, and then diversify themselves into a specialized class – a soldier, vehicle crewman, infiltrator, combat medic, combat engineer, etc. – though don’t be surprised if there are more options in PlanetSide 2.

Once you have a role, it’s recommended you join up with a squad, where a Squad Leader organizes offensives and defensives – as your team struggles for territory control. Rights can have huge adverse effects on the separate factions – as control shifts between them. Of course, with tons of vehicles, planes, structures and terrain in the way, combat often gets extremely hectic – meaning an organized group often makes or breaks intense and long-fought battles.

Without an official release date, it looks like we’re going to be waiting awhile before we can get our hands on Planetside 2. In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest information as it becomes available.

What do you think of PlanetSide 2? Did you play the original? Are you excited for the new version? Let us know your thoughts!