Well, that didn’t take long. Hot on the heels of DC Universe Online Executive Producer Larry Liberty calling the PS4 “a great platform for MMOs,” Sony has announced several MMOs are headed to their next-gen system.

As one might expect, DC Universe Online is among the first to jump to the next-gen. DCUO was the first MMO playable on the PS3, and now it will be one of the first on the PS4.

Shortly after shifting to a free-to-play model, DCUO saw an uptick in its player base, once again proving that MMOs can still find success without a subscription fee. As far as we know, DCUO on the PS4 will also be free-to-play with support for in-game purchases.

There’s no word on if Sony Online Entertainment plans to unveil new content for the MMO, or if this will be a straight port. DC Universe Online will hit the PS4 later this year.

PlanetSide 2 PS4 release

Alongside the announcement of DCUO for the PS4, SOE has announced that the popular online shooter PlanetSide 2 is headed to the PS4 as well. SOE’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Laura Naviaux, says that “players have been asking for PlanetSide 2 to be playable on consoles, and PS4 is the ideal platform to showcase the game’s beauty, depth, and frenetic open world combat.”

Moreover, we suspect that current-gen systems weren’t capable of supporting a game like PlanetSide 2, which makes Sony’s next-gen device the better fit. Sony has already shown their support for online shooters like Dust 514 and Defiance, and now PlanetSide 2 will join the fray. Like DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2 will be hitting the PS4 later this year.

Warframe PS4 Release

And finally, Digital Extremes has announced Warframe is also joining the PS4 launch list. Warframe, for those that might not know, is a free-to-play cooperative shooter where players complete various missions with teams of up to 4 players. To see some of the game in action make sure to check out our gameplay video and impressions post from the game’s beta.

Digital Extremes plans to make great use of the PS4 hardware not just with a 1080p silky smooth frame rate, but also through the Dual Shock 4‘s touch pad. They wouldn’t say how exactly they plan to use it, but the touch pad will apparently play a big role in the gameplay.

Warframe will also be getting a companion application for iOS and Android, so players can keep track of what missions are available and presumably coordinate play times with friends. Speaking of missions, Digital Extremes will continue to offer monthly content for Warframe well after the game’s launch alongside the PS4.

While Microsoft is selling the Xbox One as the one media device consumers will need, it appears Sony is taking steps to closer align their console with the PC market. It starts with MMOs and online shooters, but where does it end?

Would you be interested in playing Warframe, PlanetSide 2, or DCUO on the PS4? Do you think interest in these games will have tapered off by the time the PS4 launches?

Warframe, PlanetSide 2, and DC Universe Online are all being positioned as PS4 launch titles. Sony hasn’t announced a release date, but the console should hit this holiday.

Source: IGN