Planet Zoo: 10 Things Every New Player Should Do First

Planet Zoo has recently hit the market and the gaming community is truly obsessed with it. Created by the same people that made the beloved Zoo Tycoon games with which we grew up, Planet Zoo is a unique gaming experience that gives players free rein to create whatever style of zoo that they desire.

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The game includes countless features that allow players to create the zoo of their dreams. From unique habitats to realistic animals and demanding customers, this game has it all. Though it is important to note that these impressive features can be rather overwhelming for new players. In this list we will break down some of the key things you need to know to make the most out of your first Planet Zoo playthrough.

10 Figure Out What Kind Of Game You Want

The cool thing about Planet Zoo is the fact that players can create whatever game that they want. Would you like to create a wholesome and profitable zoo for all ages? Would you like to create the ultimate battle royal and pit all of the animals against each other? Would you like to recreate your favourite zoo? Or would you like to fill the zoo with predators and then delete the gates when it is at its highest occupancy?

Figure out which kind of game you would like to play and then figure out the best way to achieve said goal.

9 Make A Plan

Planet Zoo is a game that relies entirely upon player strategy. If one goes into the game with no plan whatsoever, they might find themselves quickly overwhelmed by the numerous tasks ahead of them.

Plan out the type of zoo that you would like to build. Figure out what animals you desire to fill out your zoo and what they need in order to thrive. Create a strategy, create a plan, and see it through.

8 Make A Budget

The zoo of your dreams may be a touch more costly than you expected. Before you begin to build and order your animals, figure out exactly how much said things are going to cost. Avoid creating substandard habitats in order to fit your budget.

Start small and dream big. Though it might take much longer to reach your goals, a well-crafted zoo that took a year to build is a much better idea than a half-baked zoo that was built in a day.

7 Research The Unique Needs Of The Animals

Though one may assume that the needs of the animals would be rather obvious, maintaining healthy and safe habitats for all of one's animals can actually be rather difficult. Each and every single animal is going to require a different habitat in order to thrive.  Even two bears might have completely different needs!

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Before acquiring an animal, research what it needs and ensure that you can provide such things for making adding it to your zoo. Nothing ruins a wonderful day at the zoo like sad and mistreated animals.

6 Focus On One Thing At First

Simply put, creating a zoo that focuses on quantity instead of quality might not be the best course of action. Though it can be tempting to create numerous diverse habitats, entertaining non-animal related activities, and food courts in order to bring the zoo of your dreams to life, doing so can be truly stressful to new players.

When beginning the game for the first time, it is important to focus on one thing until you have mastered said thing before moving onto the next. If animals are your focus, then don't bother with other things until they are all happy and cared for. If you want to focus on hospitality, keep your habitats simple until you've mastered the art of caring for your guests.

5 Pick A Theme

When starting the game for the first time, it can seem rather overwhelming. Trying to do too many things can cause players to feel overwhelmed and ruin what could have been a wonderful playthrough.

When starting the game, pick your theme. Pick one type of animal/habitat until you get the hang of how to care for said animal. Pick a desert or a forest theme and stick to it while you learn the ropes. Learn how to perfect a habitat and keep the animals safe and alive before you begin to expand your park.

4 Set A Fair Admission

One of the more deceptively difficult aspects of Planet Zoo is contained within the subject of ticket cost. Players will need to make their zoo a profitable tourist attraction in order to be able to afford the things that the animals need to be taken care of and kept happy (as well as needing to be able to afford the animals themselves.) But setting ticket costs too high can turn away potential customers.

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Fiddle with the admission prices until you find the happy medium which allows you to turn a profit to fund your zoo while also keeping the park accessible to the general public (and keeping those pesky protestors off of your tail.)

3 Mind Protestors

With the inspector hot on your tails and the stress of maintaining a profitable zoo, it can be difficult to keep track of every little thing. But one of the things that can really throw a wrench in your plans to create the best zoo of all time are the protestors.

Unsafe or unsuitable conditions, poorly maintained/built habitats, and miserable animals can easily attract these protestors. If they begin to target your zoo, figure out which aspect of your zoo they are protesting and try to address it as soon as possible.

2 Research Which Animals Can Interact

One of the most important tips that all players need to know is that it is absolutely necessary to ensure that two animals can be placed in the same pen together before placing them in the same pen together. If two incompatible animals are placed in a pen together, things can get rather deadly rather quickly.

Before placing animals in the same habitat, research their compatibility, check their tempers, be sure to provide enough food and stimulation, and ensure that the habitat is big enough to keep them both healthy and happy.

1 Be Prepared For Disaster

The tricky thing about Planet Zoo is that it is a game where chaos can be hiding around every corner. Animals can turn on each other, they can escape, they can perish, and, as the zookeeper, you must be prepared for all of this.

Building safe habitats, having adequate staff, and playing with a strategy in mind should mitigate most of the possible disasters on the horizon but it is important to note that it might take a few tries to build the zoo of your dreams. But hey, that is half of the fun!

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