An avid player of Frontier Developments’ construction and management simulation title, Planet Coaster, creates a Death Star roller coaster in the game.

With games such as ScreamRide and Planet Coaster under Frontier Developments’ belt, it’s safe to say that the video game developer has a full-fledged love affair for the ability to create and play through a variety of different virtual amusement parks. As it happens, the sheer joy for such specific construction and management simulations is not only held by Frontier Developments, but also Planet Coaster‘s fan base as well, with the community having put together a plethora of imaginative and intricate roller coasters for the game.

One of the more striking creations found in Planet Coaster so far comes from the obviously avid player of the game, Chuck Maurice, as he has crafted an incredibly detailed roller coaster version of the iconic Death Star trench run from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. As seen below in the YouTube video from the site’s Guitar Covers Inc. channel, Maurice has taken some creative liberties with the famous science fiction landmark, but he has also managed to retain the sense of jubilant pleasure and excitement that are inherent elements found within the scene of Luke taking down the Death Star.

Although a few of the areas are lit too dimly in Maurice’s rendition of the Death Star trench run for Planet Coaster, the ride’s creator manages to make up for what it lacks by relying on John Williams’ “Main Title – Theme” for Star Wars to boost authenticity, and with his meticulously designed environments inside the Death Star itself. What’s more is that Maurice has also included interesting bits of flair related more so to the film series overall than just the Death Star, with the opening of the Planet Coaster ride sending players into hyperspace, and with there being appearances from the Millennium Falcon and the lovable droid, R2D2.

Planet Coaster players who wish to try out Charles Maurice’s Death Star roller coaster can do so by downloading the files from the construction and management simulator’s Steam Workshop page right here. Without a doubt, plenty of other Planet Coaster fans will take note of Maurice’s wonderful attention to detail and learn how to make innovative creations all of their own in the future.

Of course, the Star Wars Death Star roller coaster from Charles Maurice isn’t the first instance of a fan being inspired to recreate a film property in Frontier Developments’ game. As a matter of fact, one of the game’s players made the Harry Potter series’ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry within the title a while back, which is yet another marvel to behold. That said, though, it’s safe to say that we will see even more Planet Coaster creations inspired by Star Wars sometime down the line, with some potentially focusing on the newer movies like Rogue One.

Planet Coaster is out now for PC.