'PixelJunk Shooter 2' Fires Home on March 1

Pixeljunk Shooter 2 release date

The Q-Games developed PixelJunk Shooter 2 has an official release date, officially. March 1, 2011, the sequel will be blast its way home exclusively on the PlayStation Network. This is a true sequel too and not just a small update to the well-received original.

PixelJunk Shooter 2 is loaded with three brand-new worlds along with an online versus mode. The versus mode alone is packing over 20 weapons and abilities that players can use against their opponent. While an official release date is welcome news, it seems more good news should be coming soon for PixelJunk Shooter fans, as Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert said over the next few weeks some very interesting things would be announced. There is only a few weeks between now and the game's March 1 release, so hopefully the "very interesting" news will be coming out sooner rather than later.

The first PixelJunk Shooter was a solid game and was a great addition to the already strong library of PSN games available. If Shooter 2 is able to improve on the first it will be a game PS3 owners old and new should really keep their eyes on. While the PS3 certainly has its fair share of disc-based and highly-anticipated exclusive games coming in 2011, games like Shooter 2 and other PSN games should not be overlooked.

Yes, gamers should probably play Killzone 3 but they should also check out some of the other unique game experiences available on the PSN. Q-Games has a pretty solid track record on the PSN with their PixelJunk games. It is likely a good guess that Shooter 2 will carry on in that tradition.

PixelJunk Shooter 2 March 1 Release Date

Are you excited about PixelJunk Shooter 2? Did you play the first one? Does the addition of online versus mode seem like something you want to try out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

PixelJunk Shooter 2 blasts and splashes home exclusively on the PS3 March 1, 2011.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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