'PixelJunk Shooter 2' Producer Reveals Multiplayer Details at CES

pixeljunk shooter 2

Sony has released a video interview with PixelJunk Shooter 2's Matt Morton during CES 2011 - discussing why this sequel was not suffixed with Encore like the other PixelJunk games: Monster and Eden.

Morton stated that the Shooter 2 is no simple update - there will be as much gameplay as the original as well as an online battle component.

Multiplayer will include, essentially, a PVP (one on one) capture the flag scenario that occurs in a cave. In addition to navigating to the safe zone, the "saving" player must gather rescuers in the stage. Once the saving player is killed, the killer absorbs that person's life and then attempts to carry the rescuers to his safe zone - as well as stealing those rescuers in the other player's zone.

The roles continue to reverse as each person is shot down.

Check out the video of Morton below - which ends with Morton hinting at a release date. The game has gone for certification, so the digital title should be up for grabs soon!

In addition to multiplayer, Morton covers the numerous crazy power-ups to unlock with the coins collected throughout the game - and players can attach up to three power-ups for the PVP battles. Morton goes on to describe one power up - a fluid changer that turns water into lava and vice versa. Other power-ups include gravity manipulation and camouflage to wreak havoc on the player trying to deliver rescuers to his or her safe zone.

The main game will see many more bosses and will be numbered in the continued succession from the original title - the first boss is actually "Boss 4" - a lava dwelling  turtle. Hopefully, the PixelJunk Shooter 2 bosses won't be like the entire Star Wars saga in that I'll actually be interested in Bosses 1-3. I have a lot of faith in Q-Games and especially in Dylan Cuthbert to make the entire PixelJunk Shooter sequel experience a masterpiece.

Source: PlayStation blog

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