Pirates Cause Cancellation Of PC 'Super Street Fighter 4'

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Super Street Fighter IV's producer, Yoshinori Ono, has opened the bag on why Super Street Fighter IV didn't show up on PC: pirates. Well, pirates have always been good at ruining a day. Sure, they may not be pillaging your village anymore, but they sure do manage to cause trouble. Instead of sailing the seven seas, pirates have moved on to the lucrative ocean that is the internet, and stealing is still their most enjoyed pastime.

Apparently, piracy was such a huge issue with the PC version of the original Street Fighter IV that the idea of having the  upgraded 'Super' version (which held new costumes, characters, and more) appear on the PC was just not appealing. Which is a real shame, considering how good Super Street Fighter 4 was on consoles.

According to Yoshinori, having the game be essentially "free" in some areas was a real problem for Capcom. In the end, rampant piracy just takes away from the money that could have been used towards developing the next games in the series.

However, even though Ono-san didn't appreciate the fact that people were stealing his game (and it was, in Ono's words "number one in piracy") he still managed to look at the situation graciously, and said that it helped spread awareness of the product.

Even though the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV got canned, Capcom has said that they are still willing to work on another PC release within the franchise, if better security protection for the game were to be worked out. They have gone as far as to tease a PC release by saying that since the game was developed on Taito's DirectX-based Type X2 arcade board, the PC version is 99% complete, anyways. So, don't lose hope if you use a PC for gaming, because you never know. Something may work out.

Ranters, how do you feel about Super Street Fighter IV being cancelled for the PC? How would you deal with the piracy issue if you were Capcom?

Source: Andriasang

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