New 'Hot' Pink PS3 DualShock Aiming at Girl Gamers

Sony is set to release pink PS3 controllers in late September.

Sony is no stranger to releasing controllers and systems in multiple colors. According to GameStop, on September 21st, they will start selling official DualShock 3 controllers in Pink.

This is the first time I can remember that the Japan based Sony has debuted a color in the US first.

I purchased the Satin Silver and Ceramic White models from Japanese importer, They cost a little extra, but it was nice to rub it in my friends faces.

Pink is joining a numerous rainbow of colors that Sony already produces. Currently the lineup consists of the standard Black, Satin Silver, Ceramic White, Blue and Red. But of course you can always get even more personalized with a decal, like the ones we reviewed from DecalGirl. or even a custom paint job from ColorWare.

Unlike Microsoft's recent update to the D-pad on their controllers, there has been no change in Sony's controllers since they put the shock back in the DualShock 3. In my opinion, the controller is perfect, so maybe Sony just doesn't see much sense in wasting research and development in something that isn't broken.

However, one feature on the the sales page for the pink controller is a bit questionable, whether it's Sony or GameStop's fault is unknown. Under the Expanded Information and Key Features of this controller the first "Key Feature" is that the pink controller is an "Exclusive color for female gamers and households with kids."

While it's not a huge stretch to assume that the pink controller is aimed at female gamers, isn't it a bit sexist to actually say it? I highly doubt you will ever read an ad for a green controller that its "exclusively for male gamers." If we've learned anything from legendary wrestler, and great Galgarian, Bret Hart, its that "Real mean wear pink."

Are you excited for a pink controller? Do you think GameStop was out of line for saying this particular color controller is aimed at women? Let us hear it in the comments?

The pink PS3 controller will be available from GameStop on September 21st.

Source: GameStop

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