Shigeru Miyamoto states that he wishes Pikmin and Star Fox were bigger hits before teasing that he’ll have to put “more energy” into the characters in the future.

Between playing Super Mario Run while eating cake and appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to play the Super Mario theme with The Roots (while wearing a Samurai Mario T-shirt), it goes without saying that renowned game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been dedicating most of his attention recently to a certain Italian plumber. While this unfortunately means that there is little time leftover for all of Miyamoto’s other creations, the game designer has indicated that he would love to revisit some other beloved Nintendo franchises at some point in the future,

Miyamoto sat down for a thirty-minute Q&A session with journalist Katie Lindendoll recently, and when asked the question of which character or characters whom he felt very passionate about but never hit it big, the designer replied through his translator that he “always wanted Fox McCloud to be a bit more popular than he is” as well as Pikmin. Following up on his answer, Miyamoto then gave a glimpse of hope regarding new Star Fox and Pikmin titles by saying that he thinks that he will have to put “more energy” into the franchises’ main characters in the future.

Check out the full Q&A with Miyamoto right here – the Pikmin and Star Fox question comes up at the 31:09 mark.

While Star Fox Zero was released earlier this year and a new Pikmin game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, it doesn’t look like either franchise is high on Miyamoto and Nintendo’s priority list at the moment. For now, the big N is focused on the launch of its upcoming mobile platformer Super Mario Run, which is projected to make a massive $71 million in its first month.

Beyond Super Mario Run, Nintendo is also focused on the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch, as well as a number of big-name launch titles for its new console, such as a new Mario game and the highly-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildWith so many big projects in the pipeline and Nintendo banking heavily on the Nintendo Switch’s success, it’s understandable how some of the company’s smaller franchises may be shuffled down on the priority list.

It remains to be seen whether new Pikmin and Star Fox titles will indeed see the light of day, but both franchises have every chance of making a return in the future, especially with the Nintendo Switch coming out next year.