'Pikmin' for the 3DS Listed by UK Retailer

Pikmin 3DS UK Retailer Listing

More and more evidence seems to be piling up indicating that the new Pikmin game will be skipping the Wii in favor of another platform. A recent retail listing by UK retailer The Hut seems to confirm what the evidence thus far has been leading us to believe, and that belief is that Pikmin will be coming to the 3DS.

The Hut currently has the product listed as £34.93 ($55.55 U.S.). Do NOT consider this price set in stone, however, as Nintendo has still yet to even confirm the game's existence. By the time Nintendo does take the liberty of briefing everyone on their seemingly "secret" project, we'll have a better understanding as to what Nintendo expects its customers to pay for 3DS games. Right now retailers have games sitting between $39.99 - $49.99 per title.

Miyamoto has assured many eager fans in the past that a new Pikmin was already fairly far along in its development cycle. At the time, most people thought he was referring to Pikmin 3 on the Wii, but it now seems likely that he was speaking of the handheld version. Pikmin 3DS was also essentially confirmed by none other than Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Shiqeru Miyamoto in a recent interview. They spoke about how great Pikmin looked while running on the 3DS, which points a blatant finger at the fact that the game is undoubtedly coming.

Pikmin on the 3DS seems like a perfect fit. The creatures and foliage that can be found throughout the entire series have some wicked potential to really come alive through the use of the 3D screens. Literally throwing Pikmin off the screen seems like too much fun, and the potential to have Pikmin invade your house using the 3DS's augmented reality feature (think Eye Pet) seems just too cool to pass up.

One of the very few requests I have for the game is that they stick with everything that Pikmin 2 introduced. Features like multiplayer, new Pikmin types, and an unlimited number of days all made Pikmin 2 better by leaps and bounds compared to its predecessor.

Do you think Pikmin 3DS exists, or was the listing just a misunderstanding? Would you purchase Pikmin for your 3DS?

Pikmin 3DS doesn't currently have a launch date, but more information should be released leading up to the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: The Hut

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