There’s already a bountiful number of games that’ll be available for the Wii U on launch day, but there are a few big titles that won’t be arriving on the system until the new year. One of the biggest games that’ll be missing launch is Nintendo’s own Pikmin 3, and while the game was confirmed to arrive within the initial “launch window,” eager fans have been anxious to learn when the long awaited third iteration of the Pikmin series will be sprouting on Ninty’s forthcoming hardware.

While a specific release date is still unknown, the release window has been narrowed down, and gamers can expect Pikmin 3 to hit the Wii U at some point in Spring 2013. This information came forth in the latest Iwata Asks, after one of the developers brought up how “surprisingly alright” the hardware noise was during testing; despite having a large number of Pikmin on-screen at the same time. A footnote of sorts was then left after the statement, briefly describing the series’ history and confirming the third title’s Spring 2013 release.

“Pikmin: The first game in the Pikmin series, released for the Nintendo GameCube system in October 2001. Pikmin 3 is scheduled for release for the Wii U console in the spring of 2013.”

If this is the case, then Pikmin 3 would need to launch between March 20th (the first official day of Spring) and March 31st in order to still fit into the Nintendo Wii U’s ‘launch window’ lineup. Of course, this could also be a sign that the game has been delayed and will now instead land on store shelves sometime before June 20th.

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on Pikmin 3 during this year’s E3, and even nominated it for the ‘Best Action/Adventure’ game at the convention. Hopefully more details pertaining to Pikmin 3‘s release will come soon, but the 23 Wii U games that’ll be available at launch should ease the pain of no Capt. Olimar.

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Source: Iwata Asks (via Nintendo Life)