Pikmin 2 Listed For Wii at HMV

Pikmin 2 Listed for Wii at HMV

Reflecting on Nintendo's past generation console, the GameCube, brings back joyous memories of some incredibly awesome games. Pikmin 2 is certainly one that stands out to anyone who played the unique title back in 2004 when it originally released with a 2 player co-op option and new Purple/White Pikmin. The game is debatably one of the best titles to ever grace the GameCube with its presence, and it looks like it may do the same for the Wii if a recent listing by HMV is correct.

Pikmin 2 has been listed as a product on HMV's official website as a Wii game that was apparently meant to release on New Year's Eve, but — as you may have noticed — this is certainly not the case. The listing shouldn't come as a massive shock to anybody who owns a Wii considering that the original Pikmin (along with a few other Cube titles) have received Wii-makes, but it's been quite some time since the last GameCube port hit Wii. Pikmin 2 has actually already been rereleased for the Wii in Japan, so the only question North American gamers should have is: "What took so long?!"

It's likely that the HMV posting is the real deal, but Nintendo has still yet to confirm whether or not Capt. Olimar will make a return for the GameCube remake. Nintendo has however, confirmed that Pikmin 3 is in the works and is well underway, but even that promise postdates the creation of Game Rant so there's no telling when the Pikmin series will finally become a trilogy. That being said, we hope this pans out so it gives fans of the long since dormant franchise something to keep them civilized while they wait for Pikmin 3.

Pikmin 2 would sell well Nintendo's Wii and it could also introduce an entirely new generation to the awesomeness that is Pikmin (while also building more of a fan base that will invest in Pikmin 3). Nintendo should reveal Pikmin 2's rerelease soon — maybe even January 8th's Nintendo World soon.

Are you hoping that Pikmin 2 will see the light of day on the Wii? What other Gamecube game would you like to see remade for the Wii?

Source: HMV

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