Pigeon Simulator Announced, Lets You Poo on People, Cause Mayhem

Bossa Studios, the developer of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, have announced a new game called Pigeon Simulator. The game is the first title from the studio since it canceled Worlds Adrift, the MMO that allowed players to build airships and be like pirates in the sky.

In Pigeon Simulator, players will take on the role of a pigeon hellbent on causing mayhem for innocent bystanders. From businesspeople trying to go about their busy workday to cars that committed the offense of just getting in the way of a pigeon, the announcement trailer for the game confirms that as a pigeon, players will be able to cause mayhem. As a flock of pigeons, players will be able to explode vehicles, lift people up into the air and, most excitingly, the pigeons can even poo on people. Superstition says that being pooed on nu a bird is good luck, but the NPCs in Bossa Studios' new game probably won't agree.

Bossa Studios has made its name by releasing funny simulator games with strange physics. In Surgeon Simulator, the fun was about badly attacking poor patients on the operating table, not in performing surgeries successfully.

Pigeon Simulator is being compared to Goat Simulator, the physics game from Coffee Stain Studios where people play a goat that wants to cause mayhem. In that game, players may not be able to poo on people but they can drag them around with their tongue which is just as entertaining. Goat Simulator was hugely successful and Bossa did team up with Coffee Stain to release some I Am Bread DLC. However, Bossa may need to work hard to show people how this offers a different or better form of entertainment.

Some may also wonder if the time for games like Pigeon Simulator has passed. Around the time of Goat Simulator's release, there was a trend of silly physics simulators and these were released between 2013 and 2016. I Am Bread was part of this and there was also Bear Simulator, Viscera Cleanup Detail, and the trolling sim game that was Rock Simulator. Bossa will be hoping that there is still an audience for this kind of game and that the popularity of silly sims wasn't just another games industry fad.

Pigeon Simulator does not have a release date and launch platforms have not been announced.

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