Pierce Brosnan and Jimmy Fallon Play 'GoldenEye 007' on N64

Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye


Every gamer remembers their first experience with a multiplayer shooter. For some that was Unreal Tournament or Counter-Strike, while for the younger generations that was Halo 2 or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Whatever the case, there's no mistaking that first experience, where the competitive nature came out in all of us.

For me, that first experience with multiplayer FPS was GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. Even to this day I have fond memories of the shooter, from 'Slappers Only' matches to trolling friends by picking Oddjob.

One other fellow gamer who has a soft spot for GoldenEye is Late Night host Jimmy Fallon. And with Pierce Brosnan scheduled to appear to promote his new movie November Man, Fallon couldn't help but bring up the N64 classic. Actually, Fallon took it a step further and challenged the James Bond actor to a match of GoldenEye multiplayer, which you can see in all its nostalgic glory above.

Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye

Obviously, this isn't the type of blast from the past that some were expecting; actually, it's quite anticlimactic. But just seeing a single frame from GoldenEye certainly takes me back. It's just too bad that Brosnan is clearly not a gamer. Props to the producers, though, for cutting the bit short before it got too painful.

It's funny to look at a console shooter like GoldenEye — one that, at the time, seemed like a revolutionary concept — and think how far we've come. Where many titles released shortly after GoldenEye were chasing Rare's title, now most franchises chase Call of Duty. The fidelity has greatly improved, as have the controls, but the experience is still very familiar.

Even stranger still is the thought that local co-op and multiplayer, something that GoldenEye 64 executed on perfectly, is finding new life in the Internet age. Games like Towerfall and Sportsfriends are bringing back that couch-based experience and reminding us of games like GoldenEye. Some fans are even trying to recreate GoldenEye using FMV, hoping to recapture even a tiny bit of that magic. Perhaps it's time to dust off that N64.

What are your fond memories of GoldenEye 007 on N64? Would you like to see GoldenEye remade for current-gen consoles?


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