Xbox Boss Phil Spencer a Big Fan of Destiny, Has Played '700 Hours'

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The Destiny community is full of players who have put a huge amount of time into the game, from the title's initial launch and through every expansion. As it turns out, Xbox head Phil Spencer counts himself as a big Destiny fan too, and has stated that he has played "700 hours" of the game.

The comment was made in conversation with Jeff Gerstmann during the Giant Bomb E3 2017 live show, where the topic of the shifting trends of the industry came up. While talking about gamers choosing between shorter single player experiences and spending a longer amount of time on multiplayer games such as Destiny, Spencer popped up to confirm his time spent on the game.

From the looks of it, Spencer might be spending time with multiple gamertags if this 700 hour mark proves to be accurate, as a look at Spencer's P3 tag suggests that only 323 hours have been spent on the game. Either way, 700 hours is a tremendous achievement - although if Spencer is going for the top spot he still has some way to go.

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Whether Phil Spencer will be as keen on Destiny 2 remains to be seen, but his recent comments on platform exclusive content suggests he is not entirely on board with the relationship between Sony and Activision. During E3, Spencer stated that console exclusive content is bad for the industry, and it just so happens that Destiny 2 will be offering up some extra content to PS4 players.

In particular, Destiny 2 will be able to give PS4 players the Lake of Shadows Strike, the Borealis Exotic sniper rifle, and the City Apex ship. As well as this, Destiny 2 on PS4 will include an exclusive map, the Retribution PvP Crucible map, which was recently showcased by Bungie through the release of a number of screenshots.

Of course, should Phil Spencer want to split his time between multiple platforms, Destiny 2 will also allow him to play the game on PC. Unfortunately, the PC version of the game will release later than the console version on October 24, but at least Bungie has given an explanation for the Destiny 2 PC version delay.

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Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, then on PC on October 24.

Source: Giant Bomb (YouTube)

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