Former Sony and Microsoft Exec Prefers Nintendo Switch Console

Phil Harrison on Nintendo Switch

Phil Harrison, former executive for both Sony and Microsoft, is back talking games during the Barcelona-based Gamelab conference and his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch are of note. Speaking to Game Reactor, Phil discussed his thoughts on both Sony and Microsoft's positioning in the market. He transitioned smoothly from worrying about Sony and Microsoft's efforts to bring in new players, or lack thereof, to lauding the Nintendo Switch, which he described as the favored console in his home.

It's interesting to consider Phil's language regarding Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. He's answering a question regarding Sony's current success, compared to his year's at the company in the 90s. His response is very professional, as would be expected considering his past with the company, but jumps on the opportunity to compliment how the Nintendo Switch can, "play to the wider audience."

When asked to expound further on those thoughts, Phil again directs the conversation towards the Nintendo Switch, except this time he leans away from his business perspective and instead shares a more personal story. Phil talks about having two sons, ages 8 and 6, and how the Nintendo Switch is popular with them. His elder son plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while his younger son joins his brother in playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe multiplayer. He attributes part of why his sons like the Switch to how the screen is portable.

Since leaving Microsoft, Phil Harrison has spent his time as an investor. At Gamelab he announced his investment into an augmented reality start-up named Dream Reality Interactive. It's clear that Phil's focus on the future, envisioning what will be gaming technology of next year and beyond. He showed that his interest in the Nintendo Switch is as much if not more about who the new audience it might discover and how its audience can play different than with other consoles. One could even come to the conclusion that those feelings are also what's led him to investing in augmented reality developers.

Phil's answer from a question earlier in the interview frames his thoughts in a very poignant manner. He says that there is an important question for the gaming industry going forward and explains it like this:

"We are at a very exciting, almost golden, age of computer games and interactive entertainment. We have the tools to make the content easily readily and cheaply available. We have the distribution, we have the platforms, we have the technology to put things online. We have all of the power at our disposal and now we should do something amazing with that power."

The questions Phil asks is, of course, "What are we going to do with all that power?" It seems Phil is not persuaded that we're as yet making the most of our potential, but he does see some progress -- perhaps in his own home.

Source: Game Reactor

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