As if the Phantom Pain and Metal Gear discussion didn’t already have enough fuel for its fire, developer Moby Dick Studio (the potential “shell corporation” for Kojima Productions) has released some new screenshots for MGS fans to uncover every detail from. While the more substantial pieces of evidence gleaned from the trailer — namely the game’s logo — are omitted, there are still closer looks at the game’s protagonist, who bares a striking resemblance to Big Boss.

In the Spike Video Game Awards reveal trailer for The Phantom Pain, players were initially met with a concept that seemed intriguing, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. From there things only became more confusing and also compelling, as eagle-eyed Metal Gear fans began to discover clues suggesting Phantom Pain was actually a sequence from a forthcoming Metal Gear — either Ground Zeroes or Metal Gear Solid 5.

And while these screenshots don’t provide definitive proof, they do feature some of the important imagery that helps prove the Metal Gear connection. For example, the bespectacled doctor in one of the images bares a striking resemblance to Dr. Kio Marv, as seen in the sprite-based image below.

And then there is the screenshot of the car accident, which echoes back to a few tweets from Hideo Kojima in which he claimed his new game was mo-capping a car crash and surgery. Seems like a very big coincidence.

Another interesting thing to note about the screenshots, which come by way of Moby Dick’s official site, is the fact that it boasts 15 images, but the image names skip numbers 14 and 15 and go on to 16 and 17. Our guess is this is either a simple image labeling mistake or images number 14 and 15 are too important, or revealing, to include at this time.

Phantom Pain Screenshots - Character Close Up

To say that all will be revealed in time is giving too much credit to the secretive nature of Kojima Productions, especially when Metal Gear is involved. Although we’d like to see some definitive confirmation on the hoax, the more likely scenario is that fans will simply have to connect the dots all along the way. Hence the high-res screenshots.

Also make sure to check out the Phantom Pain trailer here.

Have you discovered any additional clues from these new The Phantom Pain screenshots? What are some of your favorite theories?

Source: Moby Dick Studio