Phantom Dust Remaster Gets First Screenshot

Phantom Dust Release Before E3 2017

Fans haven't seen much of the Phantom Dust remaster since the game was first revealed at E3 2016. However, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer finally broke the radio silence on the game with a tweet yesterday showing the first in-game screenshot of Phantom Dust running on Xbox One.

The screenshot shared by Phil Spencer reveals a couple of key details about the Phantom Dust remaster. For one, it appears as though the game's graphics have been improved more than some may have expected. While it still looks somewhat like an original Xbox game, the Phantom Dust remaster has a cleaner look to it that's easy on the eyes.

The screenshot also reveals that the Phantom Dust remaster will run at 30 frames per second, or at least, the version Spencer was playing does. It's possible that Code Mystics, the team handling the remaster for Microsoft, will increase the game's frame rate before it launches. After all, Phantom Dust is still in development, and even though Microsoft thinks the remaster could release before E3 2017, it's hard to say just how far along it is in the development process at this point in time.

It's odd that Microsoft has shared so little about the Phantom Dust remaster, especially if the game is supposedly going to release within the next couple of months as the company has suggested in the past. Microsoft has insisted that development is going well on the game, but if that's the case, one would imagine that there would be more screenshots and trailers available for fans to sink their teeth into.

Perhaps Microsoft is waiting to show more of Phantom Dust until it is confident that the game is up to its standards. Phantom Dust fans have been subjected to a roller coaster of emotions, with the 2014 reboot cancelled, only for Microsoft to announce a remaster of the original game last summer. The franchise has been dormant for over a decade, and Microsoft will want to make sure it gets the remaster right so that it doesn't further alienate fans.

With a release that could supposedly come any day now, fans may be able to look forward to seeing more of the Phantom Dust remaster sooner rather than later. Based on the screenshot shared by Phil Spencer, the remaster is looking good so far, and should do justice to the original release.

Phantom Dust is in development for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Phil Spencer – Twitter

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