PewDiePie Mobile Game is Called 'Legend of Brofist'

PewDiePie Mobile Game

While many malign PewDiePie for his abrasive personality and obnoxious on-screen presence, it’s hard to deny the YouTube celebrity’s popularity. The guy makes a ton of money recording gameplay videos, and has a ravenous, world record-breaking amount of fans.

Now, it appears PewDiePie is taking his YouTube celebrity and expanding it even further into the world of games. You guessed it; PewDiePie is making a video game.

As just announced on his YouTube channel, PewDiePie’s (real name Felix Kjellberg) upcoming game will be called Legend of Brofist and is targeting a summer release on Android and iOS.

Before watching the video below, we will just come out and say it: any who find PewDiePie in the least bit annoying will not want to play this game. As the announcement trailer shows, Legend of Brofist is packed with PewDiePie in-jokes and references, and is designed specifically with his “Bro Army” in mind. The “Bro Army” is what PewDiePie calls his fans. It’s…complicated.


From a strict design perspective, Legend of Brofist looks like a pretty straightforward side-scrolling platformer. The footage does tease some upgrades and a potential microtransaction path, but it’s hard to pull any meaningful details in that regard.

What we do know is that Legend of Brofist is in development at Outerminds, a relatively obscure outfit whose only known credit is a mobile game called Tadpole Tap. However, they do appear to be fans of PewDiePie so the partnership makes sense. This is a guy who is known for strange behavior, so if you don’t have an intermediary it’s going to be hard to explain how to game-ify things.

With so much interest steeped in the world of video games, it seemed almost inevitable that PewDiePie would eventually break into game development. However, it’s unclear how much actual say he had in the design of the game or its mechanics. For that matter, we don’t know if he approached Outerminds with the project, or they pitched it to him.

Whatever the case may be, there are a couple dozen million fans just chomping at the bit to play Legend of the Brofist, which is sure to make it a big success. We’ve seen actors branch out into singing, and sports stars branch out into acting, now it appears the age of YouTubers branching out into game development is upon us.

Do you have interest in PewDiePie’s game? What do you think of the game’s mechanics?

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