PewDiePie Finally Plays The Walking Dead: The Final Season

pewdiepie finally plays the walking dead: the final season

When PewDiePie first blew up on YouTube, it was largely because of his gaming content. The world's top YouTuber rose to fame thanks to videos of him playing games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Minecraft, and Telltale's The Walking Dead. But with PewDiePie's channel moving away from gaming in recent years, there was some worry that he wouldn't get around to finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season. However, PewDiePie has finally finished The Walking Dead: The Final Season and has uploaded his playthrough to YouTube.

Fans can now stop asking PewDiePie to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which is a request that is posted in the comment sections of his videos quite a bit. The fan demand for PewDiePie to finish his Let's Play of The Walking Dead: The Final Season appears to stem not only from nostalgia for PewDiePie's older Walking Dead videos, but also from the fact that the game itself was almost never finished.

Telltale Games abruptly shut down before it could finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season. For awhile, it seemed as though The Walking Dead wouldn't get the ending it deserved, leaving Clementine's journey in limbo. Luckily, Skybound Games stepped in to finish production, releasing Episodes 3 and 4 to give the series a proper ending.

In our review of The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 4, we noted that the final episode lacked polish, but it still delivered a satisfying conclusion to Clementine's story. At the very least, it's nice that fans were able to get some closure on the series, which released its first episode all the way back in 2012.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if PewDiePie uploads more gaming videos or keeps pumping out weekly episodes of Pew News and Meme Review instead. Whenever PewDiePie does make a new gaming video, it's sort of an event that seems to boost his channel and subscriber count, evidenced by the video game streams that help him keep his lead over rival channel T-Series.

Perhaps if The Walking Dead: The Final Season video does well enough, PewDiePie will be inspired to make more gaming content like he used to. In the meantime, fans can watch his reaction to The Walking Dead: The Final Season finale and check out his older videos of the series to follow it from the beginning if they so desire.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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