PewDiePie Reaches 100 Million Subscribers

pewdiepie 100 million

Popular video game streamer PewDiePie has officially become the first single content creator to pass the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube.

PewDiePie has pushed towards this goal for a while since he began competing with another popular YouTube channel called T-Series. The two had a rivalry for a while which resulted in a bunch of fun jabs from both parties, but eventually T-Series took a large enough lead that PewDiePie could not catch up.

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None of this stopped the YouTuber from pushing towards a new goal: PewDiePie wanted to reach 100 million subscribers. Accounts have gotten that high in the past, but never for a single content creator. PewDiePie has not yet released a celebration video, but clearly this marks a huge milestone.

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Just a few days ago, PewDiePie married long-time girlfriend Marzia. The two had a big wedding and PewDiePiew posted the whole thing very publicly to his YouTube channel. The two had dated for 8 years. When they announced their marriage, it received an outpouring of support from fans and the community. It also most likely helped PewDiePie gain enough subscribers to reach the huge milestone.

pewdiepie 100 million

PewDiePie has clearly done well promoting himself and has gained an incredibly loyal fanbase. Despite his longevity on the platform, he has shown a remarkable ability to remain relevant. A recent analysis of his YouTube advertising and marketing presence revealed that PewDiePie most likely makes nearly $8.5 million a month. An article last year in the New York Times put his salary for the year in 2018 at around 15.5 million. This means that in the past few months, he has made some huge strides forward.

This new milestone proves that he can continue to grow, with seemingly no end in site. Recently, PewDiePie gave fans a bit of a nostalgia kick when he began to stream Minecraft again. After his rise to fame playing Amnesia, he became primarily a Minecraft streamer for a long time. His return to the game gave it a huge uptick in players.

PewDiePie has focused more on comedy, lately and has partnered with some famous people who have appeared in his videos. A recent version of his video series Meme Review featured Dr.Phil as a guest host. These partnerships have given the YouTuber even more of an edge and prominence than before.

Now that PewDiePie has reached 100 million, it'll be interesting to see what he chooses for his next milestone. As of this writing, the channel has already picked up over 64,000 subscribers since hitting 100 million earlier today. At this point, PewDiePie seems rather unstoppable.

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