PewDiePie is Teaming with Goat Simulator Dev to Make Games


PewDiePie reveals that he's teaming up to make new video games with the creator of Goat Simulator, Armin Ibrisagic, in an effort to bring more comedy to the gaming industry.

Goat Simulator was a surprise hit in 2014, with part of its success coming via playthroughs by well-known YouTube Let's Players like PewDiePie. Apparently, the game made such an impact on PewDiePie that he and the developer behind Goat Simulator are now teaming up to make new games together.

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg and Armin Ibrisagic, the developer behind Goat Simulator, have signed a deal to cooperate on future games together. PewDiePie and his content network, Revelmode, are forming a new development group with Ibrisagic called DoubleMoose. According to the deal, the team will develop "multiple" games for Android, iOS, and PC gaming systems. However, no details have yet released regarding what the games will entail.

PewDiePie made a statement regarding the partnership, noting that working with Ibrisagic is a "match made in heaven," praising his sense of humor and expressing excitement that they would be working together. Ibrisagic added that he and Kjellberg want to work on bringing more comedy to the gaming world, stating that comedy in gaming is "still in its infancy."


Although PewDiePie started out just playing games, he's become enough of a force in the Let's Play industry to start producing his own, too. He previously released PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist for mobile devices and PC, which received positive reviews and achieved financial success. In addition, his new game PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator just released, allowing players to emulate the success of being a YouTube celebrity just like PewDiePie.

Both of PewDiePie's prior games are loosely based on his YouTube channel and affiliated Let's Players, so it's possible that the next game to be developed could be, too. However, reaching out to the developer behind the wacky Goat Simulator could indicate an interest in going in another direction, especially since they've made a deal to produce more than one game together. Further supporting this idea, the statement issued from the group explains that PewDiePie will be providing "creative input," so the YouTuber may not be as closely involved with the games as the last two titles he's released.

For now, there's no telling what these two comedic minds will dream up for the world of gaming. With PewDiePie and Goat Simulator's overwhelming popularity behind them, chances are whatever they produce will be a big hit in the gaming world and on YouTube, too.

Goat Simulator is out now for Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Variety

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