YouTube sensation PewDiePie delivers a tear-filled response to the recent controversy generated by his anti-Semitic jokes, which prompted Disney to sever its ties with him.

It goes without saying that it’s been a rough week for YouTube’s biggest individual star, PewDiePie. The outgoing Swedish video influencer was recently dropped by Disney for a string of recent anti-Semitic jokes which appeared in his videos, the fallout of which has also led to the cessation of his YouTube Red horror show. The vocal video host has been condemned by many sources this week after some of his recent unseemly jokes were highlighted to the masses, including when he paid two men to hold up a sign that said “Death To All Jews,” or when another of his videos had someone dressed up as Jesus Christ and say “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

As many had been expecting, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has now formed a response on the platform where both his success and his problems were born – YouTube.

PewDiePie slammed media outlets like Variety and The Wall Street Journal for their harsh criticism of the YouTube star, stating that the outlets had attacked him from the get-go and shoved his impressive profits into the spotlight, an aspect of his life he never flaunted. PewDiePie specifically highlighted The Wall Street Journal’s own Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicas, and Ben Fritz as having put forth a personal attack towards him in order to try to decrease both his influence and economic worth, and stated that old newspaper-originated media sources just couldn’t comprehend the new generation of influencers.

Felix also explained that his anti-Semitic joke produced by two guys he paid $5 on Fiverr was meant to show how far someone would go when paid $5, although he acknowledged that the joke was ultimately inappropriate. The majority of his video response is spent either attacking The Wall Street Journal and Variety, or making it absolutely clear that Felix is not a facist and does not support hate groups, something he posted to his Tumblr a few days ago after hate groups made their support of PewDiePie public.

Interested gamers can take a look at his emotional response below, where he tears up thanking the fans who have supported him through this week’s drama:

It’s clear that PewDiePie really wanted to hit back at The Wall Street Journal, even making a joke about them being akin to a tabloid paper. He also stated that it was WSJ that more or less forced Disney and Maker Studios into dropping the YouTube star, and he made it clear that he didn’t blame his former network affiliates for dropping him because of this. All the blame, it seems, was with the media that attacked the YouTube star for producing anti-Semitic jokes.

Kjellberg continued to state that the Wall Street Journal took his jokes out of context, something that the YouTube star has had a problem with before. Even after his recent talks about context, other high profile YouTube outlets like H3h3 Productions took a screencap of Felix in a Nazi-Uniform and slapped it into their YouTube response video’s thumbnail with no context – though one has to imagine that an obvious solution would have been not to don a Nazi uniform in the first place. Doing things as an act of comedy is one thing, but expecting to keep a working relationship with Disney while sporting “Death To All Jews” signs on one’s channel is another, especially when one’s audience is filled with so many young fans.

“I do strongly believe that you can joke about anything, but I also believe there is a right way, and not the best way to joke about things. I love to push boundaries, but I would consider myself a rookie comedian. I’ve definitely made mistakes like this before.”

While PewDiePie chose to focus on proclaiming that he was personally attacked by the media and that he isn’t a fascist, he only glossed over the appropriateness of his actions as a whole. If he had really set out to show how much one could get people to do on Fiverr, there’s a plethora of other things he could have gotten them to say that didn’t involve references to genocide – though in the end, Felix didn’t dispute that he deserved to be dropped by Disney and its subsidiary network.

At the end of the day, Kjellberg still has more than 53,000,000 subscribers and will continue to make a solid profit, even if his content will no longer be appearing in YouTube’s Preferred section. He closed off his video by flipping off The Wall Street Journal, telling them to “Try Again, Mother******s.”

What do you think about PewDiePie’s response, Ranters? Do you think YouTube’s biggest star deserved to be dropped by Disney?

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