PewDiePie Congratulations Song Blocked in India By Court Order

pewdiepie congratulations song

For months, PewDiePie and Indian music label T-Series have been battling it out for the top spot on YouTube. There have been some instances where T-Series has managed to surpass PewDiePie, and in the most recent case where T-Series beat PewDiePie, it actually seemed like the battle was over. PewDiePie himself acknowledged defeat, releasing a song called "Congratulations" to facetiously congratulate T-Series on its victory.

Since its release a little over a week ago, PewDiePie's Congratulations song has become one of the most-watched YouTube videos of all time, amassing over 76 million views and counting. Of course, PewDiePie has since bounced back and overtaken T-Series yet again in the race to 100 million subscribers, so the premise of the song is already out-dated, but it has remained popular nonetheless.

T-Series has taken offense to Congratulations, which has drummed up some controversy for implying that T-Series collaborates with the "Indian mafia" and pointing out that T-Series started its business by selling pirated songs. This prompted T-Series to file a lawsuit in an attempt to remove the PewDiePie Congratulations song from YouTube, with the Delhi High Court ultimately siding with T-Series.

The Delhi High Court justified its decision by saying the PewDiePie Congratulations song is "defamatory, disparaging, insulting, and offensive." The Delhi High Court also said that the comments made on the video were "abusive, vulgar, and also racist in nature."

As a result of the court's decision, PewDiePie's Congratulations song is blocked in India. However, the song remains available basically everywhere else in the world, and it's unlikely to be blocked in other regions. Future legal action could change that, however.

Now that the T-Series vs. PewDiePie feud has spilled into the courts, it will be interesting to see what's going to happen next. Perhaps PewDiePie will release yet another song in response, or maybe he will stop making songs about T-Series to avoid the risk of future legal action. Whatever the case may be, it's clear that the feud between PewDiePie and T-Series is far from over as the race to 100 million subscribers continues.

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