After years of climbing to the top of the gaming industry, Electronic Arts chief competition officer Peter Moore is stepping down and switching gears to take on the once in a lifetime opportunity to be the CEO of Liverpool Football Club. Although heading up a division at EA may sound like the ultimate dream job to many gamers, a football addict like Moore would have a very hard time turning down a position leading the club that he’s been openly rooting for since he was a child.

Moore has a long history at EA and before his current position he acted as head of EA’s eSports division, head at EA Sports, and COO. Although most gamers associate Moore with EA, he was actually a figure in the video game industry before he joined their team as well.

Microsoft fans may remember Moore as one of the figures at the center of the Xbox 360 rollout. He was one of the most recognizable faces at Microsoft’s Xbox division around the launch of the previous-gen console and even got a tattoo to help deal the release date of Halo 2Prior to his days at Microsoft, Moore also put in some hours at Sega and Reebok.

Liverpool Football Club confirmed Moore’s appointment earlier today with an official announcement…

The EA legend has been working in the US for the last decade, but will relocate across the pond to take office near his team starting in summer 2017. According to Liverpool Football Club, Moore’s appointment completes a 10-month transition plan by FSG and finalizes the senior management structure at the club.

EA had a strong showing in 2016 with the latest iteration of FIFA proving to be a big success thanks to a new engine and an engaging new approach to the game’s campaign mode. It will be interesting to see what the company learned from FIFA’s success and if they are about to apply that lesson to the other annual sports titles.

Peter Moore will be missed in the gaming industry, but hopefully we can still hear his opinion on the state of games from time to time on Twitter. We wish him and his team the best of luck.