EA COO Says Frostbite Wii U Prank ‘Unacceptable’ and ‘Stupid’

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April Fools’ Day is the one time of the year where people are able to get away with posting some pretty outrageous things in the guise of a joke, but for the most part people are pretty understanding about the nature of the holiday. Even we at Game Rant got in the spirit of things and pulled a couple of pranks of our own, much to the dismay of our eagle-eyed readers, but there’s always one joke that goes just a little too far and offends someone.

This year the joke that crossed that fine line came from the official Twitter account for Electronic Arts‘ Frostbite Engine.

While it’s no secret that EA won’t be supporting the Wii U until sales of the struggling platform rise, the Twitter account for the Frostbite Engine took things too far in the eyes of many fans — mocking the lack of power that the Big N’s console has in comparison to the Xbox One and PS4 in the process. While making references to a Frostbite-powered Half-Life 3 quickly made clear that the account wasn’t being serious, the tweets were soon deleted in order to cutdown on the impending backlash.

“Frostbite now runs on the #WiiU since it is the most powerful Gen4 platform, our renderer is now optimized for Mario and Zelda.”

“Frostbite will power #HalfLife3, coming out summer 2014! #WiiU exclusive.”

“Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU.”

Once word broke out about the tweets, it triggered EA COO Peter Moore to issue his own Twitter response in an attempt to regain face for the company. In the process, Moore claimed that these were not part of a sanctioned April Fools’ joke, nor were they approved by Electronic Arts in anyway; making an official apology to Nintendo in the process.

In all fairness, the individual(s) operating Frostbite’s Twitter account was likely just trying to have some April Fools-based fun — something that many outlets and developers have been doing for years — but it serves as a lesson that jokes at another’s expense (especially a business partner’s) isn’t viewed as acceptable. As a company that managed to dodge a third consecutive ‘Worst Company in America’ award this year, comments like these won’t help place EA in anyone’s graces, so caution really needs to be taken for the sake of the publisher’s public appearance.

Regardless, Peter Moore has done the right thing by publicly apologizing for the comments made on Frostbite’s account, and damage (or a lawsuit) from Nintendo hasn’t been made public yet. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine that there will be any.

Do you think Frostbite’s tweets were inappropriate? Did Peter Moore make the right move by apologizing?


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Source: Peter Moore — Twitter (via GameInformer)