Peter Molyneux Would Love To 'Be Involved' With 'Syndicate' Remake

Syndicate Peter Molyneux

The world of corporate espionage and aggression isn't entirely unknown to the general public. The film Inception, for instance, tells the story of one company stealing another company's secrets (before all the other crazy stuff starts happening).

Back in 1993, Peter Molyneux's Bullfrog Productions made a game about that subject matter called Syndicate, and it wasn't half bad. The original title was a real time strategy game that placed players in the role of CEO of a newly found corporation. In the future world of the game, CEOs did whatever it took to ensure their company would beat all others.

At one point, EA registered Syndicate trademarks, leading to rumors of a remake. Since then, EA has all but confirmed plans to create a new Syndicate game. Seeing a revitalizing of the Syndicate brand would be amazing. The original game offered a very interesting background for a tried and true real time strategy formula, and who doesn't like cyberpunk stuff?

With plans for a new Syndicate in the works, Peter Molyneux has made his desire to assist on the game known. Characteristically, he had quite a bit to say, and this time it doesn't sound like he's making anything up.

"Yes, of course. It's a great feeling to see something you've created still have life or meaning. But my first thought is: 'I wish I could just spend a day with them saying what I thought was really special about Syndicate, or another title for that matter.'"

"Of the three, Syndicate would be the one I'd loved to be involved with. I'm actually not a huge fan of remakes, only because I think there's too many other ideas to work on."

Should he get the time in with Electronic Arts, Molyneux's ideas could help shape the direction the new Syndicate game will be taking. Would the game still retain its RTS roots? Real time strategy games on consoles haven't proven to be the most accessible (or best selling) things in the world. Perhaps an action/adventure game that puts players in the role of an agent working on behalf of the CEO? There's a lot of possibilities out there. Hopefully, the one chosen will be the best option.

What kind of game would you like the new Syndicate to be?

Source: CVG

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