Peter Molyneux Says No Kinect Support for Fable 3 at Launch

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In an interview with Engadget, Peter Molyneux stated that, at launch, Fable 3 would not be supporting Kinect. This will come as a shock to many gamers, since Lionhead’s head honcho has always been one of the biggest champions of Kinect's possibilities. Unfortunately, when you are singing the praises of a technology, you can’t release something that underwhelms, and that seems to be what Lionhead Studios, developer of the game, was about to do.

When asked why he chose not to include even the tiniest slice at launch, Molyneux said:

"We probably could've done some little side quest with Kinect, but I love Kinect so much and I love Fable so much that I think we needed to have some time to develop it."

This sounds to me like the classic Molyneux scenario of him piling too much food on his plate without first stopping to think if he would be able to eat it. As someone who is skeptical about Kinect, as I am sure many Ranters are, I feel no sense of painful loss. But if Molyneux wants to keep up this act of calling Fable 3 the role playing game of all role playing games, he may need to eventually deliver some fantastic Kinect support on top of some great character customization.

There is still hope for Fable and Kinect to eventually become a match made in heaven. Molyneux later said that:

"I think the future for Kinect and Fable is probably bright."

Now that is Molyneux watching what he says. Not only does he take care to say Fable and not Fable 3, but he also inserts a "probably" into the sentence. What I got from this quote is that Lionhead wants to include Kinect support, but they would rather not be left standing with egg on their faces when the game releases.

How do you feel about this announcement Ranters? Are you pining for Kinect support in your Fable 3 experience, or would you rather the game be left alone?

Fable 3 launches on October 26th for Xbox 360, and sometime later for PC.

Source: Joystiq

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