Peter Molyneux Says Standard Controllers Aren't Going Anywhere

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After being the most high-profile developer to continuously sing the praises of Kinect and the potential the device holds, Peter Molyneux now seems to be giving us mixed signals.

In an interview with Develop-Online, when asked about the control scheme for Fable 3, the outspoken Lionhead Studios director had this to say:

"Games controllers have been designed for two decades, and they’re not going anywhere, they will continue to evolve. I don’t think motion control, in itself, will cause the death of standard controllers."

You don't say, and here I was ready to go trade in all these useless old controllers for a Kinect pre-order. While Molyneux appears to be speaking rather broadly here about motion control and not Kinect specifically, the statement does seem a little ill-timed considering the recent announcement that Fable 3 will not ship with any sort of Kinect support.

I’m fairly certain that the majority of us agree with Molyneux’s viewpoint, but this was the guy that was really supposed to be selling us on Kinect, the most motion-y control device of all the current flail-tech offerings. It was to be through his visionary design that motion control and Kinect skeptics were going to be shown the light, right? He showed us Milo!

Alright, so now I’m being a little dramatic. However, the fact remains that excitement for Kinect, and motion control in general, continues to dwindle amongst those who would call themselves core gamers, and now one of the biggest proponents of the fledgling control scheme seems to be getting a little indifferent about the whole thing.

It’s pretty clear that for the time being, standard controllers are in no danger of becoming extinct any time soon. Given the pretty narrow scope of motion implementations developers have shown us thus far, the trusty dual analogs definitely don’t need to worry about losing any sort of battle to Kinect, Move or the Wii. It doesn’t take an industry icon like Peter Molyneux to let us in on that hot tip.

So are we reading into Molyneux’s statements a little too much? Was he just stating the obvious? Or is there something that doesn’t quite sit right with the seemingly sudden change in tune from the man who was so eager to get us all amped for Kinect?

Source: Develop-Online

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