Peter Molyneux Admits Fable 2 Was "Terribly" Buggy

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I played Fable 2 when it first released back in 2008, and I was mostly impressed. The original Fable was one of my favorite experiences -- I thought it took console RPGs in a new and interesting direction. Unfortunately, mostly impressed wasn't enough for me to really give Fable 2 much of my time, and as soon as I beat it, I never really looked back.

Now, Peter Molyneux himself admits that Fable 2 had "some terribly messy things about it." Molyneux further explains:

"We rushed at the end, where we had this terrible phase where we went from 'the world looks this beautiful with this many features' to being less beautiful and less features because we had so many bugs."

"There were game features that people just didn't use or only used once. A great example of that was getting married. It didn't mean anything, it didn't add to the game. It was just an excuse to have sex, to find out whether it was another hot coffee."

Molyneux further added, "I don't think we have taken drama seriously enough." I think it's pretty stand-up of the guy to admit that the series he treats like a baby is still flawed, despite having developed two separate titles.

Molyneux did touch on one of the features of Fable 2 I did take issue with: the marriage. I didn't feel it added anything to the game, other than forcing me to make more money in order to support my spouse, in an attempt to stop her from leaving me and taking my children away. It's hard to make a living slaying monsters, lady! Why don't you try it out sometime? Anyway.

I really do respect Peter Molyneux's design philosophies. He's an incredibly intelligent man, and he's one of those people who will always be thinking about the future of video games. Although, I do think he thinks faster than he can act, and as a result, we get things like a buggy Fable 2.

There's no doubt that Molyneux and Lionhead Studios will be stepping up their game when it comes to the upcoming Fable 3. It seems like he would no longer enjoy being dogged by memories of  games whose heavy feature sets do not add to the narrative structure, when what he wants is a game where the player creates his or her own memorable story.

Fable 3 shows the darker side of being the iron fist of a kingdom on October 26, 2010, for Xbox 360 and PC.

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