Peter Molydeux Account Breeds 48-Hour Game Jam

Molydeux Game Jam 2012

For every one celebrity -- be they actor, director, or video game developer -- that converses on Twitter there exists at least one doppelganger out there, who tries to piggyback off that individual's success and turn it into parody. In the video game world there are a few out there, most notably an account that parodies Kaz Hirai's love of Ridge Racer, but none are as widely followed as Peter Molydeux.

A parody of prolific game creator and former member of Lionhead Studios Peter Molyneux, who himself is known for making bold claims about video games, the Molydeux account is known to tweet out video game ideas that are equal parts insane and genius. Among Molydeux's more recent ideas have been game concepts that feature the player as a postman with x-ray eyes, or where the player must comfort a plane full of children who are afraid of flying.

Each game concept is relatively simple, and could easily be made into a passable flash game. And, if recent developments are any indication, that might just be happening.

Some bold followers of Molydeux recommended that indie developers actually get together and attempt to make some of the game ideas that Molydeux tweets. The event itself would be called the MolyJam 2012.

Then, not only the Molydeux account but Peter Molyneux himself caught wind of MolyJam and gave it his wholehearted approval — Molyneux, who is now working on his own independent projects, said he might even be interested in participating.

So the stage has been set — MolyJam will be taking place from March 31st to April 1st (yes, this could be an elaborate April Fools Day joke, but let's hope it isn't) — and the event will be taking place in both San Francisco and Brighton. The sign up sheet for the event — which has already amassed some 100 participants — can be found here. Hopefully the presence of members from prominent developers like Double Fine will keep this from becoming just a joke.

Also there's now a website:

What do you think of Peter Molydeux's crazy game ideas being turned into actual games? Is this the perfect way to celebrate a developer that has been known to challenge traditional gaming conventions?

Source: Joystiq

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