Atlus USA is making available an all new trailer for the western localization of Persona 5, which is focused on the Velvet Room and its proprietor Igor.

Persona 5 hype dwindled somewhat after the JRPG was launched in Japan this past September, with the game’s most passionate western supporters importing the game. Yet the hype is gaining momentum once more as Persona 5‘s worldwide launch on April 4, 2017 gets closer. Continuing their efforts to help build excitement, publisher Atlus USA has another trailer to share. Rather than a character-centric video like many of Atlus’ most recent media, today’s trailer focuses heavily on the Velvet Room.

For those new to the Persona franchise, the Velvet Room is an important piece of every game. It’s a place described as existing between “dream and reality,” a reference to an Edgar Allan Poe story wherein the protagonist ultimately meets their demise. While many aspects of the room share core aspects between games, such as the blue velvet decorum, the proprietor Igor, and the necessity of a “contract” to become a true guest of the Velvet Room.

In Persona 5 a new aspect of the Velvet Room is introduced, a prison. Igor becomes the warden, attended by assistants Caroline and Justine, offering probation to protagonist Joker in the form of a contract. The Velvet Room also serves as an area where a core game feature is applied: the collection and repurposing of Personas. In Persona 5, players can collect multiple Personas and then “execute” them to either power up another Persona or combine them into an entirely new Persona. It’s very “gacha,” isn’t it?

Today’s Velvet Room trailer is a follow-up to another focusing on “Palaces” from over a month ago. The Palaces trailer introduced the concept of wielding multiple Personas, including giving a brief introduction to how Personas are initially found and captured. Other recent trailers include ten “Confidants” trailers from the past two months. Each of those trailers introduces a specific secondary character within the game. Those trailers have petered out recently, but Atlus likely has more gameplay feature trailers coming out soon.

Of course, many Persona fans are likely taking the remaining months prior to Persona 5‘s launch to go media silent. Atlus has been releasing dozens of trailers, not to mention spoilers being everywhere since Japan has had the game for several months now, and it’s a bit overwhelming. One of the best parts of playing a Persona game is unfolding the mystery for yourself. Getting early introductions to the game’s various unique characters and gameplay systems could ruin a bit of the magic. But, hey, considering how long fans have been waiting, a few exciting trailers never hurt anybody.

Persona 5 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 starting April 4, 2017. The delayed release will include an optional dual audio DLC pack free of charge, for those who prefer the original Japanese voiceover.