Persona 5: The Royal Trailer Reveals New Character

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It has been a bit of a wait, but Persona 5: The Royal has officially been revealed by Atlus. We've known the Phantom Thieves were going to be back in action in some way with a tease for Persona 5 R that dropped a few months back, and now, we have greater clarity on the actual title, as well as a preview of a new character, by way of a brand new teaser trailer.

This 45-second teaser aired during the Persona 5: The Animation Stars and Ours broadcast, and features a new, unnamed female character. This red-haired girl is standing in the rain at the crowded Shibuya Crossing prominently featured in previous teasers, staring at large monitors which bear the Phantom Thieves' logo. She is having a conversation with someone who asks for her thoughts on the group.

Here is that bit of dialogue in the trailer, which has been translated by Siliconera:

“What are your thoughts on the Phantom Thieves?”

New female character: “It’s wonderful thing to help other people… but if I had to say, I don’t like them. I just have a feeling that the way the Phantom Thieves doesn’t help fix the world or help anyone. In the end, I think those are things you must fix yourself.”

As the dialogue makes clear, this girl is not a part of the Phantom Thieves, ruling her out as a female version of the main character, as some had hoped. This doesn't mean she won't join the team down the line, though. Whether she will be playable or relegated to a role as confident remains to be seen, but the trailer indicates she has an important role to play in this new storyline.

Not much else is known about Persona 5: The Royal, but what has been revealed heavily implies it will be a new version of the original Persona 5 with new content and characters. While we now know that this new girl will be a part of that new content, there is likely much more. We imagine a few new Personas will premiere at some point in the future, and maybe some new romance options.

As for how audiences can expect to play it, the PlayStation logo at the beginning of the trailer confirms it will be releasing for the PS4, as the original did. There's no word yet on releases for other consoles, however, so anyone hoping the rumors of Persona 5 coming to the Switch are true will just have to wait and see if Atlus makes it happen.

To get the full story on Persona 5: The Royal - or at least another part of it - fans will want to mark their calendars for April 24. The end of the trailer says Atlus will share more information at that time, which just so happens to coincide with the Persona Super Live concert.

Persona 5: The Royal is in development for PlayStation 4.

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