GR Pick: Persona 5 Meets Seinfeld in Funny Parody


Persona 5 is game that may not have as big of an audience as some more mainstream AAA titles, but the Japanese RPG has a well-deserved die-hard franchise following. The game's iconic style and dialogue system are recognizable even to many players who have never given the series a shot, thanks to its inclusion in memes, mashups, and other pop culture references. In yet another bizarre Persona crossover, one creative fan has imagined with an episode of Seinfeld might look like with Persona 5's style.

While some games attempt to increase immersion by taking a minimalist approach to user interface design, Persona 5 leans hard in the opposite direction and makes sure players know that they are living in a Persona world with giant, stylized dialogue captions and response choices. The unique style works incredibly well in the bombastic world that the franchise exists in, but it's always strange to see that aesthetic applied to other examples of media. Seinfeld is just the latest in the string of Persona crossovers.

Here's a look at a Persona-fied scene from the iconic 90s sitcom that TriggerHappyPilot shared on YouTube...

Of all the Seinfeld scenes to choose from the show's nine season run, this nightmare sequence is probably the perfect selection for a Persona parody. Although the show is full of awkward interactions that end in conflict, not many actually turn to violence in the same same way this one does. It's probably a very niche market, but fans of both Persona 5 and Seinfeld will definitely appreciate this bizarre crossover that nobody asked for.

The mashups and parodies will likely start to die down now that Persona 5 has been out for a full month, but it seems safe to say that the game has secured a spot in niche meme culture for years to come. Luckily, it's in good company now next to Preston Garvey's invitations to help and Ignis' killer recipes.

What do you think of the Seinfeld/Persona 5 mashup? Let us know in the comments!

Persona 5 is available now on PS4 and PS3.

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